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4 pcs 50cm x 55cm Premium Cotton Assorted Pattern Cotton Fabric Cloth Patchwork
Price RM28.00
Product SKU FQ210
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm
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Western Brand Cotton Fabric

Medium Weight Cotton

4 pieces of 50cm x 55cm Premium Cotton Assorted Pattern Cotton Fabric Cloth Patchwork

Assorted design premium cotton cloth small cut 50cm x 55 cm for handmade sewing project.From this cut, you can make small fabric pouch, keey chain holder, fabric flowers, embroidery project,dolls dress and other small sewing project. You can also mix with your current fabric to create other sewing project. Creativity is unlimited.

High quality printed cotton fabric, not easy to fade, long lasting. 

1 cut of fabric is 50cmx55cm, which is quarter meter square cut.


50cm x 55cm Premium Cotton Assorted Corak Kain Cotton Patchwork

Kain cotton premium berpotongan kecil 50cm x 55 cm untuk projek jahitan buatan tangan dan jahitan kecil. Dari potongan ini, anda boleh membuat beg kecil, pemegang kunci, bunga kain, projek sulaman, doll gaun dan projek jahit kecil yang lain. Anda juga boleh mencampurkan dengan kain simpanan anda untuk membuat projek menjahit yang lain. Kreativiti adalah tidak terhad.

Kain buatan dari syarikat fabrik dari Negara Barat. Kain ini terdiri dari design yang bercetak berkualiti tinggi, tidak nipis, mudah luntur dan tahan lama.

Care Instructions:  Increase the durability of your materials by hand wash, or on a gentle cycle washing machine. Dry your fabric on a low to medium cycle.

Tips : Prewash your fabric before cutting as it may shrink approximately 2%-4%.Approximately 190gram/fabric set

Perfect for sewing beginner, crafter,patchwork,quilter,home maker,DIY project,cushion maker and other.

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